From the recording Take It All In

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Ric: guitars, vocals
Jeff Armstrong: drums
Brian Evans: bass


Now, the boats drift into harbor. It’s late afternoon
I’m remembering a love song but I’m missing half the tune
‘Cause you are not here with me
And the night is seeping in
Where the currents of my memory
Funnel, flood, acquiesce and spin.

Now, the stars light up like fireflies frozen in your wake
They once circled over tidepools in the footsteps that we’d make
But I’m directionless without you
And the night is getting twirled
Into dizzying abstractions
Of every map, and chart, and compass in the world

Washed away by these thieves on the shore
With every wave, evidence of love fades a little more
Into these thieves on the shore.

Now, I can’t find the reason for the way we let it end
And I’ve questioned all the witnesses who knew us to be friends
But there’s no suspect in your absence,
Though the night is on the run
No confession to premeditated murder
Of every dream under the sun

(repeat chorus)
(instrumental break)

Now, there’s stillness in the harbor, spotlit by the moon
Though you’re gone, you still can change me, erode me like a dune
And I’m no monument to justice,
I’m not trying to right the wrongs
I’m not claiming that I’m innocent
To a night that knows our songs
But there’s a crime that left me hollow,
Can’t you see you played a part
When you sailed off like a pirate
In the chambers of a confiscated heart
A confiscated heart…

Now, you are not here with me.