As a native New Englander, Ric has spent nearly half his life as an acoustic musician, visual artist, and educator. Since attending the first Cape Cod Songwriters Retreat in January of 2014 and finding a loyal community of peers, his music pursuits have led to recognition as a finalist in two national performing songwriter competitions (2017) and the 2018 CT Folk Festival audition concert (2018). Among his most noteworthy features are the Club Passim Emmylou Harris, Gillian Welch, and Woodstock Tribute Nights, Club Passim 2018 Memorial Day Campfire Festival, The Spire Center of Performing Arts opening for Ray Wylie Hubbard, South Shore Folk Music Club opening for Susan Cattaneo, Amazing Things Arts Center opening for Archie Fisher, the Rose Garden Coffeehouse opening for Abbie Gardner, and Off The Common Coffeehouse opening for The Boxcar Lilies, Soule Homestead opening for The Lied To's, and Titicut Green Coffeehouse opening for Daring Angels (Kathy Phipps and Wendy Sobel). He's also actively performing throughout southeastern New England at markets, galleries, eateries, wine bars, and coffeehouses. 

Ric uses music as navigation, discovery, and anchoring. His songs, while personal, feel intuitively familiar. The listener is guided by an ease that is steady and supportive as a mast. Whether performing solo or in collaboration, Ric's playing style gravitates toward unique voicings, percussive frailing, and meticulous fingerpicking patterns that honor his influences – early folk & blues, singer-songwriters of the 80s and 90s, and traditional Celtic and British fingerstyle players.

In late 2016, Ric joined a long-time friend, touring sound engineer Brian Evans, to record his debut CD titled Take It All In which includes eight original songs and one by another friend and collaborator Joe L'Esperance. The CD features violinist Katy Boc of Sparrow Blue, singer/instrumentalist Raianne Richards, drummer Jeff Armstrong, and San Antonio guitarist Bob Charles. The mostly-acoustic songs explore themes from throughout Ric's life, but primarily from 2007 to 2017 when his most significant personal growth would happen. Milestones like the passing of his parents, birth of his daughter, diagnosis and treatment for cancer, loss of a long-held career position in the arts, and the disillusionment of a close personal relationship would plunge him into a deep well of reflection. The results of his inner 'smithing' would be this collection of songs that pay gratitude to his mentors (Take It All In, Open Book), assure those lost in doubt (See What The Morning Brings), recognize losses (Little Wren, Thieves on the Shore, Changing Tide), honor partners and healers (Soldier's Armory), and reveal the quiet hope that lives behind our challenges (Morning Drive). 

When not playing music, Ric remains active in the visual arts, teaching illustration at Massachusetts College of Art & Design in Boston and designing identities for the Cape Cod Songwriters' Retreat, the New Haven Folk Consortium, and the Americana band Sparrow Blue; illustrated promos for Monica Rizzio and the Vinegrass Music Festival; concert posters for the Rose Garden Coffeehouse; and CD packaging for a number of releases including Andy & Judy's 'Reflections' and 'This Road', and David Roth's 'Think Twice', 'Practice Makes Progress', 'So Far So Good', and 'Last Day On This Earth'.

Recent accomplishments:
• Performed at the 2019 Providence Folk Festival, Songcrafter Stage

• Performed at the Club Passim 'Tribute to Woodstock 50th Anniversary' night
• Performed at the Club Passim 'Tribute to Gillian Welch' night
• Performed at the Club Passim 'Tribute to Emmylou Harris' night
• Opener for Mark Mandeville & Raianne Richards, Club Passim (June 2019)
• Finalist in the 2018 CT Folk Festival & Green Expo auditions
• Performed at the Club Passim 2018 Memorial Day campfire.festival
• Release of debut CD 'Take It All In', January 25th
• 2017 winner of the Open Mic Challenge at the Spire Center for Performing Arts in Plymouth, MA
• Finalist in the 2017 Rhode Island Songwriters Association (RISA) Performing Songwriter Competition
• Finalist in the 2017 Rose Garden Coffeehouse Performing Songwriter Competition
• Featured Performer on the Massachusetts Walking Tour from 2016 to 2019 (Brewster, Bellingham, Concord, S. Hadley, Plainville)
• Opener for Archie Fisher, Amazing Things Arts Center (June 2017)
• Opener for Susan Cattaneo, South Shore Folk Music Club (Nov 2017)
• Opener for Abbie Gardner, Rose Garden Coffeehouse (Jan 2018)
• Opener for Ray Wylie Hubbard, The Spire Center for Performing Arts (May 2018)
• Opener for The Lied To's, Soule Homestead Summer Concert Series (July 2018)
• Opener for The Boxcar Lilies, Off The Common Coffeehouse (February 2019)
• Performed at the Joe Davies Folk Festival, Soule Homestead (Sept 2017)

Festivals & Benefits:
• Providence Folk Festival, Riverside RI (Aug 2019)
• Estelle Ford 'Future Nurse Scholarship' Music Festival, Lancaster MA (July 2019)
• Love Hangover 'Sounds of Saving' Benefit Concert, Providence RI (Feb 2019)
• Bill McGrath Music Series; Alzheimer's Fundraiser Benefit, Cranston RI (Sept 2018)
• CT Folk Festival finalist audition concert, New Haven CT (Apr 2018)
• Dana Farber Patient Assistance Fund Benefit, Middleboro MA (Aug 2018)
• Joe Davies Folk Festival, Middleboro MA (Sept 2017)
• Lakeville Arts & Music Festival, Lakeville MA (Sept 2017)
• Titicut Green Fall Arts & Music Festival, Middleboro MA (Sept 2015)
• Music & Memory Benefit 'Jimi Hendrix Tribute', Falmouth MA (May 2015)
• Fall For The Arts Festival, Sandwich MA (Oct 2015)
• Concert for Kelly Breast Cancer Awareness Benefit, Yarmouthport MA (May 2014)

House Concerts:
• Quiet Corner House Concerts, Brooklyn CT (Apr 2019)
• The Music Salon, Waltham MA (Oct 2018)
• Harmony House Concerts, Yarmouth MA (Oct 2018)

• 46 Underground PVD, Providence RI (Apr 2018)
• Le Grande Désastre House Concerts, Arlington MA (Feb 2018)

Selected Stages:
• The Burren (Somerville, MA)
• Club Passim (Cambridge, MA)
• Harvard Square 'Make Music Day' (Cambridge, MA)
• Nickel City Arts (Akron, NY)
• Parish Center for the Arts (Westford, MA)
• New Morning Songwriter Series (Woodbury, CT)
• Amazing Things Arts Center (Framingham, MA)
• Old Colony History Museum (Taunton, MA)
• Galactic Theatre (Warren, RI)
• Westport River Watershed Alliance Center (Westport, MA)
• Blackstone Valley Music (Uxbridge, MA)
• LOMA (Lincoln Public Library, Lincoln, MA)
• The Center for Arts Natick (TCAN, Natick, MA)
• Sandywoods Center for the Arts (Tiverton, RI)
• Rose Garden Coffeehouse (Mansfield, MA)
• The Spire Center for Performing Arts (Plymouth, MA)
• Joe Davies Folk Festival @ Soule Homestead (Middleboro, MA)
• South Shore Folk Music Club (Beale House, Kingston, MA)
• The Hearing Room (Lowell, MA)
• Somerville Armory (Somerville, MA)
• Tuneful Brew Coffeehouse (Duxbury, MA)
• Brooklyn Coffee & Tea House (Providence, RI)
• Union Coffee Co. (Milford, NH)
• Cape Cod Winery (Falmouth, MA)
• Victoria Station Cafe (Putnam, CT)
• The Mediator Room (Providence, RI)
• AS220 Gallery; RISA Songwriters In The Round* (Providence, RI)
• Serendipity Cafe (Maynard, MA)
• Expresso Yourself Coffeehouse (Medfield, MA)
• First Encounter Coffeehouse (Eastham, MA)
• Titicut Green Coffeehouse (Middleboro, MA)
• Off The Common Coffeehouse (Bridgewater, MA)
• Main Streets Market & Cafe (Concord, MA)
• Mann Farmstead (Scituate, MA)
• Hopkinton Center for the Arts (Hopkinton, MA)
• Javawocky Coffeehouse (Brockton, MA)
• The Find on 6 (Johnston, RI)
• Gulu Gulu Cafe (Salem, MA)
• Second Friday Sessions (Hudson, MA)
• Pub On Park (Cranston, RI)
• Fog Bar & Cafe (Rockland, ME)
• Harvest Gallery Wine Bar (Dennis, MA)
• Lakeville Arts & Music Festival feature (Lakeville, MA)
• Somethin's Brewin' Book Cafe (Lakeville, MA)
• Better Bean Coffee Company (Bridgewater, MA)
• True Grit Art Gallery (Middleboro, MA)
• Aselton Park (Hyannis, MA)
• Cotuit Center for the Arts (Cotuit, MA)
• Cahoon Museum of American Art (Cotuit, MA)
• Hingham Arts Walk (Hingham, MA)
• Cafe Arpeggio (New Bedford, MA)
• Rick's Music World (Raynham, MA)

Selected Video and Radio:
• "Sessions at Industrial Drive" video performance hosted by Betsy Siggins
• "Studio Sessions Live" radio performance hosted by Dave Palmater
• "The Song" hosted video show by Mary Wheelan (FCAT-TV)
• "An Acoustic Session" video show produced by Cathy Stacy (WCAT-TV)
• "The Old Songs Home" live radio performance hosted by Bob Weiser (WOMR)
• "The Fiddle & The Harp" live radio performance hosted by Dinah Mellon (WOMR)
• "Six Degrees of Separation" live radio performance hosted by Amara Mustafa (WKKL)
• "The Hour 9 Lounge" live radio performance hosted by Stan Blackmur (WICN) 
• "Hudson River Sampler" radio show hosted by Wanda Adams Fisher (WAMC)
• "Free Form Folk" radio show hosted by Ken Abrams (WRIU)
• "The Old Songs Home" radio show hosted by Bob Weiser (WOMR)

• "Thursday First Light" radio show hosted by Chuck Cole (WOMR)
• "Quahog Radio" radio show hosted by Ramblin' Bob Bourque (WOMR)
• "Almost Famous" radio show hosted by John Shea (WATD)
• "The Sunday Night Folk Festival" radio show hosted by Susan Forbes Hanson (WHUS)
• "Folk Revival" radio show hosted by Nick Noble (WICN)
• "Acoustic Blender" radio show hosted by Bill Revill (WESU)
• "Radio Nowhere" radio show hosted by Joltin' Joe Pszonek
• "The Cheap Seats" radio show hosted by Cat Wilson (Ocean 104)
• "Mostly Folk" podcast, hosted by Artie Martello
• "Out Of The Woods" podcast, hosted by Jon Colcord
• "Acoustic Outpost" podcast, hosted by Dan Murphy
• "Readifolk Radio Show" podcast/stream from UK, hosted by Ian Freedman
• "Jason Titley Radio Show" radio show from UK, hosted by Jason Titley
• "The Miller Tells Her Tale" podcast from Scotland, hosted by Karen Miller

Songwriting Retreats & Workshops:
• RISA Songwriting Workshop with Susan Cattaneo, Providence RI (Nov 2018)
• PCA Songwriting Workshop with Tom Smith, John Schindler, and John Ferullo, Westford MA (Sept 2018)
• Cape Cod Songwriters Retreats, Provincetown MA (Jan 2014, 2015, 2016)
• Penny Nichols' Wintersongs, Olivebridge, NY (Feb 2002)

Active Memberships:


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