Tiai coverart
Tiai coverart
  1. Little Wren (for Chloe)

From the album Take It All In

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Ric: acoustic + electric guitars, vocals


Little wren under my window
Are listening to me?
You're hiding in the branches,
I see rustle in the leaves
Little wren, I’m sorry
My song is so quiet today
But I lost a little friend
It was her time to drift away

And oh, if I could, I would invite you in
Offer you sunflower seeds from a tin
Oh, I promise, I wouldn’t ask you for anything
I just wanna hear you sing

Little wren, do you remember
When the sky was so clear?
Are you the same little wren
That nested in my flowerbox last year?
You must have seen her by the curtains
Watching you, as still as a stone.
If you see her now above the pine trees,
Can you send her back home?

And oh, you look so busy
Gathering feathers, moss and hay
Come to my window at the end of the day
Oh, I promise, I won’t ask you for anything
I just want to hear you sing…

(instrument break)

Little wren, I'm pretty sure
She would'nt hurt you at all
Her eyes were big
But her paws were very small
When you’d fly up and grab the screen
She would cackle and call
But little wren
She was the sweetest little cat of them all.

And I know if she were here
She would invite you in
Offer you berries, nuts and water from a tin
Oh, I promise, you wouldn’t have to fear anything
She’d just wanna hear you sing
Oh little wren,
Oh little wren.