1. Changing Tide

From the recording Take It All In

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Ric: guitar, vocals


She was a Wellfleet girl with golden skin
Twisted hair full of salt and wind
Playing under the footbridge as the marsh filled in.

Gathering mermaid purses and razor clam shells
Her face reflected in the ocean swell
She floated my heart like a silent spell.

We were making our way through the changing tide
My eyes full of wonder with her by my side
If I could turn back the morning, I’d surely have tried
We were making our way through the changing tide

We were sixteen years old and we’d walked for hours
Fell asleep on the beach under a meteor shower
And she talked about dreaming of city towers.

September returned like summers before
I packed up my bags, she called me “wash-ashore’”
Then I crossed back over the Sagamore.

Making our way through a changing tide
The sun setting low, and the salt marsh had dried
I can still see her turn without waving goodbye
Making our way through the changing tide.

Now I go back, breathe in,
Warmed by the light of the places we’ve been
She must be more than half-a-world away from here

And all these scallopers gathered like shells in a mound
They’re moored to their barstools by a longing they found
Their kids have all moved to the college towns.

And I’m walking these mudflats, waiting for June
The winter’s destroyed all those barrier dunes
But I’ve shored-up my heart for the next love surge
Hoping for a time and a place where our waters converge.

But my heart has sung this refrain before
The last time she crossed over the Sagamore.