1. See What The Morning Brings

From the album Take It All In

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Ric: guitars, vocals
Jeff Armstrong: drums
Brian Evans: bass


Wounds that bled underneath your skin
Connect to a secret you hold deep within,
You were bruised and ignored, left out in the wind
Hope was lifted, then pushed back down again

Rest beside me,
Sleep while I sing
When you arise,
We’ll see what the morning brings

The curtain was closed to the pain in your eyes
You fought for change and asked to be recognized
But you were pushed aside, you were minimized
And when you surrendered, they felt justified

Oh, rest beside me,
Sleep while I sing
Anchor down your wounded heart
We’ll see what the morning brings

Was that an angel we heard
Tapping the window like an old lost soul?
How could she ever get past the double-paned glass
Frozen solid by a three-day snow?

Pull up the blanket, cover your head
Place your worries by the foot of the bed
When the fire dies down, and the sky glows red
We’ll search the horizon for a path to be led

But for now, just rest beside me,
Sleep here while I sing
I may not have the answers, but
We’ll see what the morning brings.

Yeah I’ll search the horizon,
See what the morning brings
Find a light inside the darkness
And we’ll see what the morning brings.