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Youtube channel updates: Fall 2020!

The pandemic has caused many musicians to redefine how they connect to their listeners, and adapt to streaming and revenue platforms. While I've been devouring the output of so many of my musician friends and heroes, my own pursuits have taken a lower priority. As many of you may know, I suffered a heart attack in April of this year, and have divided my time between healing and my teaching job at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Recently, however, I had the opportunity to configure my own streaming set-up to take part in the Serendipity Songwriter Showcase, and the Club Passim Tribute to the year 2010. I invite you to visit my Youtube channel to watch song clips from these events. And get on my mailing list for more songs and news to come very soon!

02/06/2020 - Club Passim Tribute to the Songs of 1980
Cover of Jackson Browne's "Call It A Loan" (video by John Doherty)

01/25/2020 - My debut performance on the main stage at The Burren in Somerville
Shared the stage with Chuck Williams, Lisa Martin, and Mike Laureanno.


01/06/2020 - Club Passim Tribute to the Songs of 1970

(video: John Doherty)